Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Lust Have It April 2014

I only received my April selection from LHI today 7th May and it has reaffirmed for me that this will be my last.  I will not be renewing my subscription or reviewing their monthly boxes again.  I will make this very quick because everyone knows what was in April's bag so there are no surprises here.

All the samples arrived in a new bag, I love a see through cosmetics bag because when you are fishing for that darn lip pencil right down the bottom it is easier to find.  Good size, the zipper is a little stiff and keeps jamming but far more useful than all those boxes.

Glamourflage Jane Gem Face Primer - full size 8.5ml - love the Retro packaging of Glamourflage, one of those products you like to leave out on your makeup table because it is so pretty.  Not so impressed with the product, its just Dimethicone or in layman's terms Silicone.  Used in many beauty products to smooth and soften skin and hair.

Claytime 100% Pure Mineral Bronzer - 3gr jar -  Face and Body Bronzer, I was really interested in this until I tried it, it's full of sparkles, I am NOT a Disco Ball!

Bioderma Atoderm Cream - 15ml sample - I am not a fan of Bioderma and this is a repeat product.  Boring!!

WotNot Facial Wipes for Oily/Sensitive Skin - 5 wipes - I love WotNot they are my favourite brand of facial wipes.  Specially formulated to gently cleanse without using drying alcohols.  Contains organic extracts of Pink Grapefruit, Papaya, Rosehip and Pettigrain.  These are the only wipes I can use to remove mascara without stinging my eyes.

Aveeno Daily Moisturiser Lotion - 30ml sample - this is a very good moisturiser but another repeat sample, Yawn!

So that's what $19.95 buys you from LHI these days.  I'm sorry but for me not worth the money.  I purchased a 12 months subscription which ended this month and it has been disappointing to say the least. Not once did I receive anything for being a VIP member and the boxes have become increasingly worse as the months progressed.  With the increase of $5 the samples have been poorer and repetitive, the packaging has been very shabby to non existant and with LHI opting for a cheaper sample postage means we are lucky if we receive our supposed monthly subscription at all.

JAC x0x


  1. Renee Hartwig7 May 2014 15:50

    Have to agree, two repeat products is a bit annoying.

  2. I'm glad I cancelled last month. Although the bag is super cute, the items are very boring and most of them I wouldn't use.

  3. Matilly Rose7 May 2014 16:52

    Yes I am quite relieved not to be receiving anymore, when I subscription leaves you feeling bad it's time to move on xx

  4. Matilly Rose7 May 2014 16:52

    Renee these are repeats of repeats lol...........very boring box x0x

  5. mine's still not here.. so fingers crossed for the 8th of May!

  6. Like Loz, mine is still not here either :/ I'd probably receive my April and May box at the same time urgh. their shipping is ridiculous!

    LilynotLouise | Beauty and Food

  7. Matilly Rose8 May 2014 07:01

    I think LHI have their fingers in too many different sample boxes and they're struggling. They really need to start thinking about their customers instead of their profit line otherwise they won't have a business left. xx

  8. Matilly Rose8 May 2014 07:02

    Hopefully today Loz xx

  9. I emailed them Lily.. and have been told that mine was only posted in the 2nd batch on the 5TH MAY!! What the!!??? I'm on my 2nd annual sub so that to me is appalling, and I've seen reviews of boxes GIVEN for review!! I paid for mine!! So p!@@#d off at the moment!

  10. Matilly Rose8 May 2014 19:55

    I haven't received my ECO box yet and I noticed on their FB page customers were complaining they hadn't received theirs either. I don't think LHI are very well organised at all.

  11. Matilly Rose8 May 2014 19:55

    I don't like reading reviews where they have been given the box, makes your review very questionable, you feel you need to say nice things. I'll keep my integrity thanks.

  12. I'm really glad I got the stain, because that's worth what I paid for the box alone. Not pleased about the late delivery, though!

  13. Matilly Rose11 May 2014 11:32

    Yeah they have got to do something about their delivery and stop blaming it on Aust Post. I have lots of mail delivered and LHI are the only snail mail I receive. xx

  14. I cancelled too, as the boxes were becoming dismal, and yes, repetitive. I didn't get anything special either for being a VIP. Had I not subscribed for the full year and stayed month to month I would have cancelled earlier.
    I will keep watching what subscribers receive each month in hope they may return to the higher standard of samples they had in the beginning, but for now I'm happy to save the $ each month and invest in products I need and won't sit in a drawer or look ridiculous on me with the shitty colours of nail polish, lip sticks and eye pencils.

  15. Matilly Rose11 June 2014 12:15

    I agree Mez, they really need to pick up their standard and get back to the way the boxes were originally. I don't think it helps them at all having so many different boxes on the go at once and having to fill them all with samples. I find their Flagship box the original one misses out. xx


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